Continuous improvement, now on demand
A roobrick is a smart performance coach that can cut training costs, improve transparency, and keep everyone focused on what matters most.
Understands your work
Your roobrick learns how you work by collecting data and peer feedback from within the applications you use every day
Focused on your performance
Your roobrick uses machine learning to transform raw data into useful guidance
Whether it's sales closings, operational benchmarks, or customer satisfaction, your roobrick brings your most important performance metrics together in one place, and brings focus to any that could be improved.
Your roobrick collects feedback from managers, direct reports, and peers both anonymously and continuously, making your 360° review process more honest and effective.
Your roobrick comes loaded with help from subject matter experts as well as existing training from your learning management system.
Thanks to a library of standard metrics, configuring a new roobrick often takes less time than writing a new training document,